GiGi Fratelli

Family van Gils creates colourful hand/shoulderbags, and businessbags for ladies, with complimentairy wallets and purses. The entrepreneur, Jef van Gils, was sick of the greyish bags, that filled many shopping areas. GiGi Fratelli bags are different. They are all over feminin and create a colourful dimension in woman’s world. During the styling proces Family van Gils puts high value on the inside of the bag. Think of: zippockets, keystring, laptop/tablet pocket, phonepocket and other. Once inside is all in place we design the bag around it: “designed from the inside”, is the typical Family van Gils approach.

Old Brics

In 2014 we created and build a new office, to which we wanted to add autenticity.

From an old farmhouse of Barry, we found nice old brics of which we removed the old mortar piece by piece by hand (totaly 4000pcs), until they were clean and ready for re-use. They show their second life in a beautiful old industrial facade.


Behind the beatiful facade of our building is our showroom. The colorful ranges of bags are well presented in the old wooden furniture.

Sales agent of the Benelux, Erwin van den Boogaart is most of the time in our showroom, to create the perfect collection for our customers.

Mister Martens Warehouse

Our mister Martens Warehouse is named to one of our loyal ex employee and member of the family, which unfortunately died some years ago. So our warehouse is in remembrance of a special person in our life.

The warehouse is open for all our retailers. The ones that live in our neighbourhood can pass by and collect all items / colors which they want to refill their shop.

Other customers can pass orders for asap delivery. Goods will be picked by Annie, Iris and Agnes for immidiate shipping to retailers

The Office

We work together in an “open” office, with large places to work.

Barry is doing production coordinations and logistics. Fiona is doing daily work in the financial administration and all other work that is neccessary at that moment.  Astrid and Annette are doing administrative work in the order and repair department.

There is also the creative corner where Martina, Fiona and Barry are working continously at new collections.

The big bench in the centre of the office is decorated with nice leather skins for the new collections.

But also a good place to lounch during the TGIF!

The Kitchen Table

In our kitchen we have an old white washed “family table”. All 4 children of van Gils family grew up at this table! While decorating our facilities, it was important to give all a personal twist.

We highly appriciate that everybody (clients, suppliers, employees…..) feel at home by GiGi Fratelli.

It seems to work!

Since our start in 2013, GiGi Fratelli grown enormously. The handbags, businessbags and trolley are well appriciated as also the approch of van Gils.

Every leather skin goes through my hands

All the different kinds of leather that we use to develop our bags, comes from Italy first to Bavel, the Netherlands.

We control each skin on colour, thickness, softness & shine.

When all the skins are approved, we send out to our producer.


Leather Value

GiGi Fratelli works with the finest & highest quality Italian leathers.

Italian tanneries are able to produce the world’s nicest leathers, while following the strict enviremental rules and laws of the EU and Italy.


GiGi Fratelli

Dorstseweg 22C
4854 NB Bavel